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Simple 3D Laser based puzzle game. Screenshots pending. It is my first propper project in Unity


Physics based dual of castle destruction. Nothing else but aim, fire and see your opponents castle disintegrate

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CBPROJS is also known as FSM Productions*. We are simply here to share our projects we are developing in UNITY. No alteria motives, no gurantees.


When writing games we mainly publish for laptops, PCs, and the games are usually light weight in nature. no deep, complex games. 


In the process we might stumble across a concept, and then  we will share the source project as well. 


About us

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Thanks for stopping by. I hope you are not lost, but actually like 3D games, and maybe are concidering developing your own.


My name is Christian, I develope for fun, and I am not very good at it. Pretty much everything done here is free to play, and in some cases the project source is free to download as well. Luckely there are a couple of people like Mark, Connor, Pippa, Christoph and others who are helping with anything from design, coding support, play testing and more. Thanks to them for all their efforts. 


The main tooling for my projects is Unity 3D, C#, Blender, php, mysql, and a whole lot of other tools that make things easier. If you are looking for assistence or have questions please feel free to reach out, but as always this is a hobby, and response times can be slow. 


All the best.



This game is still on the drawing board, but it is basically real world, Earth based solar system ELITE style trading and fighting.


Very simple pipe runner, designed to waste 5 mins on any device by just trying to not run into obstacles.