Unity 3D Projects





Pipedream was a project inspired by Swirly Pipe by Catlike Coding. We simply spend a bit of time improving the UI and gave it a more neon look. Simple to do and a great starter project for anyone Starting out with Unity. The game keeps a local high score, on the overall scores beating 12,435 should mail in via the form here.


Connon Balls was the first game I always wanted to programme. It relies entirely on physics, and basically allows two people in turn based game style to attempt to destroy each other's castle. Physics were at the heart of this, using the Unity in build physics engine. It was fun to do, but doesn't play well over the browser. Desktops are best

Cannon Balls

(almost finished)


(under construction)

Reflections is a puzzle game in 3D using laser reflections to solve puzzles. It's similar in nature as many reflection games (example: Laser Strike) but in 3D and and with a level Editor so anyone can create levels. The level editor is working, as is the game logic, but we are struggeling with how people will submit levels. probably xml files via a database on this site, but making that secure could be an issue. We'll see. 


Scope Angel is a 3D realtime puzzle game. Your job is to safe your charge through sevelral levels from several enemies and traps. The game has 2 aspects to each level. Define the escape route, and then give sniper support to rescue your charge from enemy obstacles. No blood, no reality, all low poly fun with a bid a ragdoll thrown in.


(under construction)