Medieval Scotland

Last updated 3 May 2007

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This is a collection of articles and resources aimed at anyone interested in Scotland between A.D. 500 and 1603, from about when the King of Dál Riata moved from Ireland to Argyll to when King James VI of Scotland inherited the English throne. Because medieval Scotland was not isolated from its surroundings in either space or time, there are also some articles concerning related regions and the focus time span is somewhat flexible.

Some of the articles discuss not only what was done in Scotland in the Middle Ages but also how modern people might re-create aspects of medieval Scottish culture. While this may be of direct interest mainly to novelists and historical re-creators (such as those involved with battle re-enactment societies, renaissance fairs, or the SCA), this way of looking at things can also help clarify and illustrate actual medieval practice for anyone.

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andie macdowellandie macdowell The copyright of each article belongs to its author(s). Please do not copy or redistribute any of these files, in part or in whole, unless you have the permission of the copyright holder(s)! If quoting from any of these articles, it is your responsibility to understand and abide by the "fair use" doctrine of copyright law. The United States Copyright Office has more information about "fair use" and other copyright issues.

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