Source: github – to be publsihed soon
Unity file: 19.3.9
Try it: cannonballs via webplayer – requires webplayer and 3d graphics card
Some documenttion: in code only

Cannon Balls was my first outing in Unity physics. The project is unfinished as most things I do, but it works on good laptop, or anything with a decent graphics card. I always liked the idea of a structure being destroyed for points. In this case it is all about the amount of bricks in a castle wall you destroy.

The project has 3 scenes (intro/settings, main game, result view) and is very basic. The physics are simple (aim the projectile (either with or without aiming aid) and impart energy into it (the longer you hold the fire button, the more energy is used). The project comes with some instructions and code documentation, but like all things I stopped after a while as it got boring…sorry.

The main issue with it is the performance. It runs like a dog on poorer hardware, unplayable really. The optimisation I already went through was to simplify colliders, downspect the particle systems, reduced collision levels, reduce complexity, reduced number of bricks, reduced amount of debree after time, remove pools, simplify water, removed rounded edges from bricks, any overhead I could think of. But with 500 bricks in a castle build ontop of each other with full physics, it continous to be slow. I will post a question on an expert forum and see if someone can help.

menu screen and gameplay screen (showing breaking of bricks and physics)