Guardian Sniper is a complex game for a single developer. The idea is simple enough:

You are a sniper in a hex maze world. You mission is to guild a lost soul through the maze using different type of weapons that modify the environment. You can not only interact using your sniper tools, but you can also send and receive useful objects from the lost soul. If you do well you progress through the maze. As you progress you will come across animals that can either aid or hinder your progress. Making friends will definitly be useful further into the game.

To say this whole project is challanging is an understatement. I am definitly stretched to the limit in my knowledge of Unity and my ability to code, animate, create art, and more. Adding to this is the challange to generate the levels based on Random numbers. On one hand it makes it possible to create an almost infinite variation of levels. On the other hand that makes every element in the game-world less predictable. Gameplay should also not suffer.

Some early game shots can be seen below: