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phpChess is a php script that you can install on a shared hosting or dedicated server. It is written in php, Javascript and uses the mysql database. It is aimed mainly and clubs and schools, although we also have had larger organisations use it. Basically the script requieres a mysql database to be available. It has an installation script, players can register (and get either manually or automatically approved), you can hold manually managed tournaments, and you can play against the computer. You can review games that were played, create friendship groups and even clubs within the clubs.

Howerver the script is not perfect, and I am no longer actively working on it. You can find it on github, and you can fork it and create your own, no doubtedly imprvoed version.
In it's place I am working on a new chess server in a pre-build set of docker ( images. It should have a message server, a validation server and a database image. We hope this time round to stick to more standards and have a much stronger AI engine, combined with a more intuative interface. We are starting with a Unity based client combined with the message server. 

One nice thing is that you can use API calls to interact with it. That means you can write your own client and phpChess will log the moves. There are many other gems (like being able to change the update timings (normally 10s per move, but it can go faster if you have the response timing on a dedicated server). What it isn't is a real-time chess server. it is more near real-time Here a pictures: